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                Innovation makes different
                English Version

                Innovation makes different. KENDY Automation.

                Welcome to Kendy Mechanical and Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd

                Originated in China, Kendy Mechanical and Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd has been persisting in making and providing automated Feeding & Packaging Solutions for over 8 years. After establishment, we have been pursuing senior quality and performance feed packing line to help customers solve problems of labor intensity, low efficiency, heavy pollution, complicated operation, etc. We have truly experience on R&D, manufacture, sale and after sale service of feed packing line solutions. 

                Our customers, from Europe, Asia, Africa, mainly in food industry, including biscuit, wafer, waffle, candy, cake, bread, chocolate, mooncake, rice cracker, cookies, etc, gave highly praise of our development flexibility , machine quality and superior service.

                Qualification Certification

                Qualification Certification
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